Company History

2002 - Braille Auto Development begins developing lightweight components for race vehicles.

2003 - Braille releases lightweight carbon fiber body panels and begins developing and researching lighter battery options. Braille releases their first online web site.

2004 - Braille B14115 Battery released to the Sport Compact and Import Racing Markets. Bralle releases new carbon fiber panels as OEM for many lightweight specialty cars.

2005 - Braille B2015 Battery developed to meet needs of larger displacement vehicles and “all-season” light duty vehicles. Braille also begins working on lightweight seat options for OEM and race vehicles. Braille releases line of lightweight chargers and alumnium mounts. Braille releases version 2 web site.

2006 - Braille “Oxygen” racing seat released and supplied to top racing teams. Braille continues to develop additional battery models to meet needs of race teams and customes. B3121 and B106 models developed. Additional mounting brackets released to meet needs of more customers.

2007 - Braille releases the World’s first carbon fiber battery line using advanced AGM technology and composite casings. Braille also releases the B2317 and B2317R to suit top NASCAR racing teams. Braille exclusive battery supplier of The Tire Rack. Jegs Catalog picks up the Braille Battery line.

2008 - Braille releases the “Endurance” line of batteries to meet needs of large displacement and large power demand applications. Endurance line is also released to be used by commercial and daily-driven passenger and high performance cars. Braille Batteries become #1 selling lightweight battery of Jegs Catalog and is sold or distributed by dealers internationally. Braille celebrated multiple wins in NASCAR, ALMS, Formula D, SCCA Pro, IRL and other top level races. New web site launched to meet needs of growing customer and dealer base. Braille also release the B129, B2618 and other batteries to suit the needs of racing team, original equipment manufacturers and customers. Braille begins developing battery technology for alternative energy and advanced vehicle design concepts. Braille releases the first Hybrid Race car in North America based on a production vehicle. Braille starts testing alterntive chemistries for future battery development and potential release in 2009.

2009 - Braille releases the new B20145 and B4032 (not on web site catalog yet) for OE customers and Racing teams replacing existing formats with higher performance Braille Batteries. In Mid 2009 the Drag racing community is amazed by a 7.5 pound “Super 16 volt” battery able to start the largest motors and becomes the battery of choice for the World Championship Alanabi Racing Team. Braille’s UK and Australian branches continue to see large growth and Braille USA reaches into additional OE supply and more distribution accounts. Braille Battery releases a lightweight 16 volt battery in AGM chemistry. As other companies seek to bring manufacturing overseas, Braille still manufactures product in the USA. Braille adds, Summit Racing, Atech Wholesale, Auto Anything and Murray’s Speed and Custom to its’ distributors. At the end of 2009 Braille becomes the first company in the World to bring to market a Lithium OE Replacement starting battery in Group 34, 48 and Group 49 sizes, all built in the USA. Braille also releases a new line of Carbon Fiber Lithium Batteries for the racing and lightweight battery markets.

2010 - Marks the large market shift towards Braille Lithium technology in the premier racing series and Braille continues to expand its motorsports product line. Braille continues improvements on the MICRO-LiTE Carbon Fiber Battery Line which offers direct replacement for existing Braille product sizes and popular motorsports sizes. The success of the MICRO-LiTE line is evident in winning the 2010 Formula 1, IMSA Lites, Formula Mazda, Formula SAE, ADRL, & ALMS Championships. Countless endurance races are also won using Braille Lithium batteries including, but not limited to the 24 Hours of LeMans, 12 Hours of Sebring and Rolex 24 at Daytona 24.

2011 - The Lithium line up from Braille widens the Lithium product offerings to more consumer usable products for powersports and aftermarket performance vehicles. These two new lines include the Green-Lite and Intensity products. These new products dramatically lower the entry cost for customers wishing to improve the electrical performance of their battery with prices starting at under $150 USD. These ranges offer direct replacement sizes with technology to allow for a wider customer range to enjoy lithium batteries. 

2012 - Braille becomes the spec lithium battery in every Indycar with the customer ML7TI battery weighing only 2.5 pounds.  Additionally, the B128L lithium model becomes the spec battery used in every car in the DTM series from Audi, BMW & Mercedes.  With the ever growing Import Tuner scene taking hold around the world, Braille debuts a new lithium model designed specifically for the 4 & 6 cylinder Tuner with the 6.6 pound GU1R lithium battery for use in street & track vehicles.  This new model won a “Best New Product” award at SEMA from Racecar Engineering magazine in the UK.  Porsche 911 GT3 Cup cars equipped with the 10 pound Braille I48CE lithium battery win the championship in Porsche SuperCup series in Germany and Porsche GT3 Cup Canada.  Several drag racing championships are won with teams in various classes running the 7.5 pound B168L 16-volt lithium battery.

2013 - The Braille B128L lithium model becomes the spec battery in all of the Le Mans P1 & P2 cars made by HPD (Honda Performance Development) along with a full second year of being in every car in the DTM series (German Touring: Audi, BMW, Mercedes) and now in every car in SuperGT series (Japan: Lexus, Nissan, Honda, Subaru).  Virtually every GT car in the American Le Mans series using various Braille lithium models in the factory Corvettes, Vipers, BMW Z4, Porsche 911 RSR, Ferrari 458 Italia and so on.  Braille Carbon Intensity Lithium models are now a factory option in the BMW Alpina cars.  The early 2013 debut of the GreenLite GU1R (6.6 pound) lithium battery designed for the Import Tuner market and the Super 16 Volt B169L “Circle Track Spec” models have become some of the most popular models selling to street/track car enthusiasts and circle track races at the end of 2013.  

2014 - Braille continues to expand into more series internationally with the MicroLite B128L now becoming the spec battery in the Australian V8 Supercars (Holden, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes, Volvo) thru the 2016 season.  Many GT3 and Prototype teams in the World Endurance Championship have also made the choice to upgrade to this battery.  With the merger of the American Le Mans Series and Grand-Am into the new IMSA TUDOR United Sports Car Series, nearly all of the GT and Daytona Prototype teams (that previously ran in Grand-Am and had to run lead batteries) have made the jump to one of the two most popular MicroLite models: the B128L or ML30C.  The B169L Super 16 Volt lithium “Circle Track Spec” battery (9 pounds) has become very popular amongst the late model circle track teams that are looking to save 25-30 pounds off running a 16 volt AGM/lead battery and can now run a whole night on a single charge with virutally not drop in voltage and will last much longer, making it a very cost effective upgrade.  The B168L Super 16 Volt lithium “Drag Race Spec” battery (7.5 pounds) is now being used by drag racers around the world.  With over 1900 pulse cranking amps at 18 volts, this lightweight powerhouse can easily spin up 900+ cubic inch, supercharger, multi-stage nitrous equipped Pro-Mod drag cars and we have some teams still running the first generation B168L in their drag machines going on 5 years now!  This year marks the 3rd season with the Braille ML7Ti being the spec battery of Indycar and have not had a single failure in competition, making this 2.5 pound unit powering every car a proven performer that can handle the extremes seen in races from rough street circuits to 230+ mph ovals like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

2015 - Due to the unprecedented performance and reliability of the Braille ML7Ti as the spec battery in Indycar, the new Dallara IL15 Indy Lights car will use the Braille Micro-Lite ML20C lithium battery as the spec battery in every car from 2015 to 2020.  Both the USF2000 and Pro Mazda Champions (team and drivers) were powered by Braille ML20C and GreenLite G20 lithium batteries, respectively.  Braille MicroLite lithium batteries continue to power roughly 90% of the IMSA WeatherTech Prototype & GT cars on the grid with perfect reliability.  The beginning of seeing the “transfer of Braille lithium battery technology for the track to the street” with increased sales for street, strip, hot rod and other vehicles with the GreenLite, Intensity and Carbon Intensity lithium batteries to the automotive enthusiast looking for better performance and less weight for their vehicles. 

2016 - The new MicroLite B128L-M6 (with new metric M6 terminals) and “Gen 3” cells with 20% more cranking power is the spec battery in the new Mercedes AMG GT3 cars and used in the DTM cars replacing the standard B128L with 3/8” terminals.  The Braille ML7Ti spec Indycar battery enters its 5th season of use without a single failure in competition, the ML20C as in the Indy Lights cars and GreenLite G20 used in all of the Mazda Road to Indy Pro Mazda cars powering last years Champion.  The new Ganassi Racing Ford GT racecars with 2 cars being run in the IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship (winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in GTE-Pro) and a pair in the World Endurance Championship are powered by the Braille MicroLite ML30C, same as Corvette Racing has now for the 6th season (winning the Rolex 24 at Daytona and 12 Hours of Sebring) and several seasons in the Riley/SRT Vipers!!  Sales of Braille Lithium batteries continues to grow through dealers and distributors that service the Import Tuner, Performance Street and Exotic Car tuners & builders across the country and internationally. 

2017 - The Braille MicroLite B128L lithium battery is the spec battery in the Cadillac (Dallara chassis) and Mazda (Multimatic chassis) DPI prototypes run in the top tier class of the IMSA WeatherTech Series and have started off with Wayne Taylor Racing winning the Rolex 24 at Daytona overall in the Cadillac!!  No other lithium battery on the planet has such a long proven track record of being used (and STILL in use) in race/strip/road cars of all types now for 7 years and still within spec where the current models put out nearly double the cranking power as the “Gen 1” models & MUCH better electrical performance!!

2018 - Braille Battery has supplied Indycar with the spec lithium battery for 6 full seasons without a single failure in competition from this custom, 2.5 pound lithium battery capable of withstanding 150 Gs (potentially like an impact with the wall during the Indy 500).  With the new areo body kits for the series from 2018-2020, Braille delivered the new ML7Ti Version 2 battery with several upgrades for the next 3 years and is now the Official Technical Partner of Indycar!!  Braille in proud to be an offiicial partner and battery supplier to many different series, OEMs and race car manufacturers globally!  Braille Battery is also expanding its industry leading reliablity (failures of less than 1/2 of 1% annually & those mostly due to abuse, improper maintenance, etc.) and performance into the fleet/trucking/emergency/marine vehilces with the new Fleet Group 31 lithium battery and also new solutions for commerical & military drone applications.  Lucas Oil Racing School has partnered up with Braille and equipped every one of their cars with the Braille GreenLite G20 lithium battery for improved performance & reliability, longer life and weight savings! 

2019 - Braille Battery rolls out the new GreenLite G30 lithium battery to replace the popular GU1R lithium model sold for years and has even more application due to its more standard case size.  As custom bike builders approached Braille looking for more cranking power & better electrical performance with lithium batteries, the GreenLite G30H battery built specifically for the Harley Touring bikes and baggers with large audio systems, LED lights, etc.  Higher, more stable voltage means better electrical performance of high end audio systems being played while the bike is not running and also having more cranking power is key for bikes with big motors or sound systems.  

2020 - Braille Battery completes its 9th consecutive season of supplying Indycar teams with the custom ML7Ti lithium battery and Indy Lights with the ML20C for 6 seasons.  Cadillac once again wins the Rolex 24 for the 4th consecutive year powered by Braille B128L lithium batteries.  The new FleetLite F34 (Group 34) lithium battery rolls out as a high power & capacity model geared for heavy duty trucking, marine and automotive applications as a compliment to the larger F31 (Group 31) trucking & marine model.  

2021 - Braille Battery releases the new GreenLite G14/G14L lithium battery as the lithium upgrade for the popular B14115 AGM battery.  Continuing the partnership with Andersen Promotions in powering the Indy Lights cars with the MicroLite ML20C lithium battery for the 7th season (most cars have the original battery that came in them in 2015!!!) the GreenLite G14L is signed as the only approved lithium battery for the first two rungs of the Road to Indy ladder series in USF2000 and Pro Indy 2000 cars!  This season also marks the 11th consecutive season that the factory Corvette Racing team (Pratt & Miller) has run the Braille MicroLite ML30C lithium battery in their cars beginning with the C6-R, C7-R and the new mid-engined C8-R that made it's debut last year!!  

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